Air Condition Preventative Maintenance


This preventative air conditioning service will save on “down” time and costly repairs. Your operators will be happier and more productive in a cooler and safer environment. Winter is the best time to get preventative maintenance done. If your equipment maintenance is overdue, call us at 1-902-895-0942 to get started.

Remember to use your AC in the winter. The unit dries the air for quicker windshield defrost. This setting also exercises the unit to help prevent failures during the cold season.

Air Conditioning and Heating Customer Questionnaire to help you:

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

  • PDF Format (From Red Dot Service Manual – page 7-12)

The Ice Man’s Preventative Maintenance Includes:

  • Pressure test system
  • Inspect belts, hoses and wiring
  • test switches, compressor and controls for proper performance
  • reclaim refrigerant
  • change oil in compressor

To keep informed about our preventative maintenance events call us at 902-895-0942 or email us at, to be placed on our mailing list

“If it has a cab and an engine, the Ice Man works on it.