The Ice Man understands that not every AC solution comes right out of a manual. There are times when customization is required for air conditioning install. The Ice Man is able to provide customized AC solutions for your special needs. The Nova Scotia Shuttle Wagon is a good example of customized air conditioning work.

Customized AC Work on the Nova Scotia Power Shuttle Wagon


In this project, not only did we do customized air conditioning work; we also used recycled A/C parts as requested. We also solved a unique problem by modifying and installing remote condenser units. Here is how the project was broken down.

Customer Request: Install an Air Purification and cooling system in their Shuttle Wagon. (Rail/tire driven vehicle used to transport coal to the generator).

Recycle: From a retired Michigan Loader – the Red Dot air conditioning system; which outlived the loader.

First Step: Dismantled the A/C unit from the Michigan Loader and performed a complete R&R.

Second Step: Designed a bracket and pulley system for the new application.

Third Step: Worked along side with the Nova Scotia Power machinist in the fabrication of the new brackets and pulley system. This was done onsite.

Final Step: Installed the recycled Red Dot unit into the Shuttle Wagon which included custom fittings, hoses, mountings, and air purification system. The system was pressure tested and recharged; all within one working day.

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