The Ice Man services and repairs mining equipment air conditioning units enabling operators to work in a cool and safe environment. We also provide regular air conditioning maintenance to prevent down time.

To avoid unnecessary service calls, check these do it yourself diagnostic steps:

  1. Make sure that the air flow path is clear of all obstacles inside the cab. This will ensure proper air flow.
  2. When you are running the air conditioning, make sure that all doors and windows are shut tight. This will cause less stress on the system and keep it running cooler longer.
  3. Most importantly, the system itself should be kept clean. Clean out dirt and grime from the condenser, evaporator, air filters and any other warm or moving parts of the AC system.

A good indication of poor air flow in an air conditioning system is a hot to touch receiver-dryer. Doing these simple above steps could save you an expensive service call. Help us to help you stay cool.

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“If it has a cab and an engine, the Ice Man works on it.